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Mathieu Drolet

Film Production


Commercial & Fashion Photography

Ilies Guebbal

Surrealist Portraiture Photography

Marie-Anne Meuric

Production Design

Octavius Terry

Costume Design

Siham Sulaimani

Media & Public Relations

Yassine Ait Idir

Business Affaires & Relations

Catherine Mall

Business Affaires & Relations

Hamid Dahra

Film Production

Adil Kharif

Film Production

Rico Kinnard

Fashion Photography

Ryan B Drake

Visual Effects & Post-Production

Frantz Castry

Music & Production Design

Fouad Magdoul


Houssam Moussaddak

Music & Film Production

Ayoub El Guennouni

Film Production

Mehdi Alaoui

Digital Signage & Business Affaires


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