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Hicham Bennir

Award Winning Photographer & Filmmaker

+1 807 701 5326

 Montreal . New York . Los Angeles . Berlin . London

Marrakesh . Tunis . Oran . Paris . Dubai . Brussels . Rio

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A world citizen, with degrees in computer engineering, applied sciences and film production with top honors, Hicham Bennir is a world photo contest winning photographer, breakthrough filmmaker and writer, avid health and nutrition enthusiast, and world-renowned motivational leader, based in Montreal, Canada. He works with a creative team from all corners of the world from Los Angeles to London, Tokyo and New Zealand. His team in the entertainment industry has worked with notable public figures such as the late Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Drake, Angelina Jolie and Peter Jackson. His passions include: Reading, Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Music Production, Business, Sports, Nutrition, and Health, Travelling, Pop Culture, Philosophy, Science, Astronomy, and Self-improvement. His mission is to simplify life for the next generations as he aims to contribute to the advancement of humanity by pushing the envelope and infusing "innovative simplicity" in the fields of arts, health, business, and sciences.

"Strive not to be good, great, excellent, or perfect. Strive to be outstanding through individuality, credibility, and innovative simplicity" - Hicham Bennir




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